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Permanent Mold Casting

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Aluminum & Zinc Castings
Aluminum & Zinc Castings
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Types of aluminum casting
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How to choose which casting process
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What is Permanent Mold?
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Batesville Aluminum Castings
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Aluminum & Zinc Permanent
Mold Castings
Aluminum Castings - Zinc Castings - Full machine shop dedicated to machining of castings - Finishing Services 

Experts in determining what type of

aluminum casting you need...

We know the benefits of sand, die, investment and permanent

mold casting processes and will show you the right approach. 

Permanent mold casting is a fantastic option when you need low porosity machinable castings.

At Batesville we are a fully integrated provider of machined and finished aluminum and zinc alloy castings to OEM’s. We excel at supplying complex, aluminum and zinc castings complete and ready to assemble into our customers’ product lines including painting and powder coat.

Our size ranges from a baseball sized casting up to 100 lbs., in low to medium volumes.

We pour and machine in-house.

Our 50,000 sq. ft. molding facility is dedicated pouring, trimming and polishing while the other plant is dedicated to machining castings with the latest CNC machining and milling centers.


Medical castings, castings for aerospace, and industrial castings are proudly built by a team committed to quality, customer satisfaction, innovative engineering, and dedication to our craft.


You will be impressed with our customer service as we work closely from initial concept through full production and delivery of zinc and aluminum castings. 


Through serving various industries with custom aluminum products for over 60 years, BPI has developed the knowledge and experience to successfully partner with our customers to help them consistently achieve success with their product launches and ongoing production requirements, earning us leadership status as an aluminum casting company in an

ever-growing industry. 

Short lead times of 6-8 weeks compared to 10-14 at other permanent mold shops...

Tim Weber, Vice President
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025