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Non-Ferrous & NON Ferrous

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Harbor Castings Investment castings
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Investment Castings
Rapid Prototyping - Aluminum - Brass - Carbon Steel - Stainless Steel - Cobalt & Nickel - Tool Steel - Alloys - Machining - Finishing 

Value added, durable castings for a fraction of the cost... 

Not only do we give you the casting itself but we have the ability

to give you value added machining, polishing and painting. 

Harbor Castings is an investment casting foundry, casting more than 100 different alloys with its own in-house tooling and machining capabilities.

Customers range from the aerospace industry, to military, defense, transportation, air and hand tools, oil field, medical, valve and pump, door hardware, gun and food industries – to name a few.

Investment castings are a fantastic way for small to medium-sized businesses to get affordable castings within a fleeting time frame


From concept to casting, we’ll help you translate your designs into durable, high-strength steel, aluminum, brass, or bronze parts, fast – usually within 6 weeks.

In the process, you’ll get design flexibility unparalleled by any other manufacturing methods – eliminate machining, welding, and fabrication operations; choose from a range of over 100 alloys to obtain precisely the properties needed. Best of all, you’ll save – tooling and per-part costs are typically fractions of what you’d pay using any other processes.


A Harbor Investment Castings we deliver... 

  • Precision: +/- .005 inch per inch and closer

  • Good Surface Finish: 125 RMS or better

  • Consistent Quality: no die wear, minor variation casting to casting

  • Economical Alternatives: eliminate machining and assembly operations

  • Wide Range of Sizes & Quantities: an ounce to thirty pounds, ten parts to millions

  • Material & Design Flexibility: over 100 ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, endless shape possibilities


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Chuck Lane, President & CEO
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

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