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Precision Zinc Die Castings

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High Pressure Zinc Die Castings
Four-Slide Tooling Technology - Tight Tolerances Thin walls - Internal Cast Threads - Secondary Machining - Assembly - Product Protective Finishes 

We offer proprietary five-slide zinc die casting technology... 

offering greater design freedom especially

for smaller intricate parts. 

Lakeside Casting Solutions is a full-service zinc die casting company dedicated to providing solutions that reduce your costs and improve the quality of your components.

At Lakeside Casting, we stay ahead of the curve with our state-of-the-art multi-slide die casting process. Our business has been fully operational for nearly 20 years, providing reassurance all our work is of the highest quality. The team alone carries more than 150 years of experience in the zinc casting industry.

Our proprietary five-slide zinc die casting machines are driven by cutting-edge programmable automation controllers. Our high-availability systems allow us to increase efficiency and reduce downtime, ensuring high-quality parts are delivered on time.

Our five-slide zinc die casting technology provides you with greater design freedom.


Unlike conventional die cast machines, ours are capable of pulling a mold from the castings from five directions and are designed for casting miniature components with speed and precision. With our multi-slide die casting equipment, we can quickly, accurately, and effectively cast designs at maximum efficiency.


Our multi-slide methods are the best die casting solution for smaller, intricate parts.

We are able to create a multitude of sophisticated shapes, eliminating the need to incorporate secondary operations. We are also able to fill more machines without the heavy flash. Our multi-slide equipment allows us to manufacture more parts in larger quantities while being able to maintain the highest possible standard.

From the initial design stage to final production, our team is here to support you all the way through.


We always provide our clients with the solutions necessary to meet their demands.


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Monroe City, MO 63456

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